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What makes me horny
Horny is not the word but what makes me happy it's mostly the friends I have here they are incredible
About me
You'll soon know that I'm the most difficult man
What turns me off
People just seeing tokens and not person
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Kkkk... ^.^ The kindest words from you. You see more than outside. Our alboom is baking in the space of options :3 You are a peachy!




I wish to be rich and successful, and most importantly, cheerful, sincere and a sincere friend you can always rely on, a person with a warm heart, as I know and love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear friend, I wish you a happy birthday! I wish you, with all my heart, happiness, health, prosperity, good luck in all your endeavors, may life go smoothly and measuredly, may luck not leave you for a single minute of your life. I wish you to be healthy, because when a person is healthy, he can overcome all obstacles and achieve success, I wish to be loved, because when a person is loved and love lives in his heart, he is ready to move mountains...
I'm so happy that you are my friend! Today is your day and my best wishes to you. You and Gaia are so dear to me. And Julien, you have a heart of gold! I'm ready to say it again and again. I have never met such a kind and optimistic person...You are special. Your friends know about it, I'm sure. Stay come as you are. And yes, the day of our calling is coming!
just be yourself) you are unreal and crazy) you have so many talents) I'm ready to be surprised!
You said: "I'm the most difficult man". ( I suppose that your cat wrote it after her army exercises) You are the most kind man! I feel it from our the first ***..when will we conquer iTunes with our new track?
Basik? maybe some tea? he warms me like you) a real connoisseur of female beauty
You have a heart of gold. Always on guard of courtesy and respect :) Thank you for all that you are doing for me ^.^
You bring me light every day. And I'm so glad to met you! You are the politest man on Bonga, I'm sure. You are the bravest knight on the war with indecent men :) 24 hugs x)